September 2013 SYC will Rock! 2013-08-29


We have had a number of great weekends the past few weeks, winter and all.

The Dart Single Nationals, a great turnout with 24 boats and some of our fondest members getting the best results, well done guys!

Skippers Licence weekend with 19 people qualifying.

The Ultra-class saw good winds and some hectic racing, it was great to see all sorts of boats competing!

Special thanks to everyone that has contributed in every way from Kitchen, Rescue, Bridge, Sailing, Youth, boerwors stands and all…..

We do need assistance in the following areas, for a few Dates below!

14-15 September Dart League and Hobie GP

Rescue, Kitchen, Bar duty, foreshore and Bridge

All Cat Provincials 2013 Northern Region

21-24 September Allcat regatta (Combined Multihull Provincials)

Notice of Regatta All Cat Provincials 2013

Rescue, Kitchen, Bar duty, foreshore, ticket sales, Bridge etc. Please send me an e-mail so I can forward it to the relevant committee member. We really, really need your help, even it is for a few hours on any which day.

We look forward to some SYC spirit.

Happy Sailing

Vernon Brown