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Stilbaai newsletter 15 March 2013

It is with great pleasure that we submit this newsletter of gratitude.

With ‘Go Sail’ being such a new initiative, the club experienced a great attendance the past Saturday 9th March. It is with great pleasure that we thank our volunteers Sharmaine, Ben, Brendan and Christo for their time and patience in introducing the joy of sailing to little sailors. Thank you to the parents and Guardians for entrusting their children with our volunteers and most of all thank you for the motivation you show in encouraging your children to partake in this invaluable service at the Stilbaai Yacht club.

We would also like to show our gratitude to the members and families that took the time to support our social gathering, The Bring and Braai on Saturday evening.  This positive attendance in turn made it so much more worthwhile for our dedicated kitchen volunteers to prepare such delicious salads and the time to ensure the braais and tables were ready to receive patrons for dinner.  Thank you Lynette Heyes.

Very importantly, thank you to Fourie, for the ever awareness of keeping the foreshore a safe playground to our members. Safety being very high on the agenda of club implementation, the members’ cooperation and respect thereof is duly appreciated. Thank you members.

We would like to take the opportunity to also thank our diligent members for completing their membership contact detail forms, this information is going to assist the process of better communication by leaps and bounds.

Now that it feels like we are about the receive an Oscar with all those ‘thank yous’ in order, we would like to mention that in our forth coming newsletter we will be addressing the awareness of Club rules in preparation for the hosting of the Dart Nationals regatta, as well as the catering and entertainment around the long weekend to compliment the regatta. More dates of interest and importance will also be posted in this newsletter.

As suggested previously, your feedback is always welcome and itemized at committee meetings for review. Our club endeavours to strive for patriosm, accommodate, and maintain a safe environment for all.

Dart Nationals 2013 Menu

Long Weekend Menu


Warm regards

SYC Committee